Window Shopping: HomeGoods

I love HomeGoods, and I know I’m not alone. There’s one about 5 minutes from my house and another about 5 minutes from my work–double the fun, because what you find at one HomeGoods store might not necessarily be at another. Browsing there is something I look forward to and also a great stress reliever (I consider shopping in general a stress reliever- until I’ve spent too much money!).

The great thing about HomeGoods is that it’s a great mix of practical, every day things and unique, fun pieces. With a little imagination you could decorate your whole house by shopping only at this store–and you can score some great deals. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can gain some inspiration. Here’s a few gems I spotted on my most recent trip!

I thought this lamp was so fun- I love the iridescent blue color and the unique shape, which is nicely balanced by the plain lamp shade.

Blue Home Goods lamp1 e1343865785648 764x1024 Window Shopping: HomeGoods


This capiz beauty actually held candles inside, but reminded me of this pendant light from Pottery Barn that I’ve been in love with for months. Although it’s lovely and unique, at $175 (and that’s a clearance price!), this is still pretty costly. What’s difficult about HomeGoods is that great things get snatched up right away, so you could stalk this to see if the price is reduced but you’d be taking a big chance that it would be gone before you could get to it!

photo68 e1343865894924 764x1024 Window Shopping: HomeGoods

This pineapple stool was a little silly, but had great detail, was very solidly constructed and was just $14.99. Jason and I have a thing for pineapples, so I was drawn to it. In the right room, this could be slightly quirky instead of cutesy.

photo69 e1343866360503 764x1024 Window Shopping: HomeGoods


This wall panel looks like an old door and reminds me of something you’d find at a flea market. I love the scroll pattern and the distressed look of it, but would love to finish it differently. For $79.99, though, I bet someone grabs this soon.

photo71 e1343866865277 764x1024 Window Shopping: HomeGoods


Chevron AND sequins? For $19.99, this pillow almost came home with me.

photo77 1024x764 Window Shopping: HomeGoods

I thought this mirror was quite amazing as well- I loved the shape and all the little circle mirrors, and even the way things looked reflected in the mirrors (thanks to the various sizes). $49.99 and fabulous!

photo78 e1343867694415 764x1024 Window Shopping: HomeGoods

So what did come home with me? These two gorgeous capiz mirrored candle holders. I bought them because I instantly loved them, but I’m not quite sure where they’ll go yet. I just couldn’t pass them up

photo67 1024x764 Window Shopping: HomeGoods

This last thing is the perfect example of the fact that you can find some truly unique things at HomeGoods…

photo76 1024x764 Window Shopping: HomeGoods

Wait for it…

photo751 e1343868093442 764x1024 Window Shopping: HomeGoods

It’s a giant blue peacock bench, and it’s fantastic! It was also $1,399…that’s a bit much. But it’s great! You never know what you’re going to find at HomeGoods!

pixel Window Shopping: HomeGoods


  1. Courtney says:

    Can’t believe you turned up the pillow. It is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

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